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A lot of making and of experience has gone to bring Mark Sheridan to the top-of-the-tree-position-as-a-comedian which he occupies to-day. He did not tumble into it accidentally. Nobody ever does really tumble into success. Plenty of people would like to think that they could, but they shirk or are ignorant of the trying long years of hard work, beginning at small things and working up bit by bit, that added to innate capacity ultimately bring the successful to any position of eminence that they happen to occupy. So with Mark.

Mark Sheridan Music Hall

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Welcome to, a site dedicated to the life and work of Music Hall Comedian, Mark Sheridan. Some of the information you will find on this site was easily accessible in local libraries ,theatre archives and entertainment books; some took a considerable amount of time to acquire and collate . I hope you enjoy it! I would like to thank the following gentlemen for their kindness and generous support in making this site a reality :  Gordon Irving,  Bob Bain, the late Wally Butler, Frederick Denny and Terry Mortimer.

Glasgow Empire Audiences Heard It First

     Variety-goers at the legendary Empire Theatre in Glasgow were the first in the world to hear and give applause to the popular and well-known song “ I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.”  Mark Sheridan, the singer and comedian , who hailed from the north-east of England, sang it in 1909, that was the year he played the Empire on three occasions - in March, August and December. It was during his March visit that he introduced the song. A review from The Era, from his march week, reads : “ At the head of affairs here ( G;Glasgow ) is the inimitable Sheridan, who never fails to make his ‘ mark ‘ . He has this week increased his popularity by his seaside song and smart patter.”


Chorus Favourite

     That “ seaside song” was none other than “ I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.” By October Mark had recorded it in London for the Ariel catalogue, and by the beginning of the pantomime season it had become" the biggest comedy chorus song in Glasgow", evoking" plaudits loud and long".

     Such was its popularity that many pantomime Principal Boys applied to the publishers, Feldman & Co., for " permissions and band parts. "  Inevitably, " I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside" became a smash hit, and Feldman & Co., earned a small fortune from it.  Interestingly, it also sent mark Sheridan's career into the Music Hall stratosphere! He was now a star.

Mark Sheridan



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